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Mar 17

ZOOM Meeting & Presentation – 19:30 EST. Eldon Godfrey presents: Foreign Control Board Canada. The role of Canada Post 1939-1951.

Apr 21

ZOOM Meeting & Show & Tell – 19:30 EST. PSSC Members: Show and Tell.

May 19

ZOOM Meeting & Presentation – 19:30 EST. Ed Kroft presents: Some uncommon Destinations for mail sent from Palestine: December 1917 to May 1948.

Jun 16

ZOOM Meeting & Presentation – 19:30 EST. Michael Madesker presents: Suez Canal – Documentary Philately.

Jul 21

ZOOM Meeting & Presentation – 19:30 EST. Ron Smith presents: Fredericton Post Office and its postmarks pre-1900.

Aug 18

ZOOM Meeting & Presentation – 19:30 EST. Earle Covert presents: TBD.

Sep 15

ZOOM Meeting & Presentation – 19:30 EST. Kevin O’Reilly presents: A friendly Invasion - U.S. Forces in Churchill.

A Society of students of philately specializing in a large spectrum of subjects.

Presidents Message [January 2021]

A belated Happy New Year to everyone. 2021 entered the world not much different than the previous year which left us with Covid 19 still on the rampage. Three major shows for the year have already been cancelled, namely the Edmonton Spring National, ORAPEX 2021 and The Royal*2021*Royale, and I expect more as time goes on.

With all this extra time on your hands here are a few things to do to occupy some of the free time you have:

Prepare and enter a one frame exhibit in one of the virtual exhibitions (CAPEX 2021 April 7-30, 2021 and Royal*2021*Royal date to be announced). A vermeil award or above will qualify your exhibit for CAPEX 22.

Check out the PSSC website for the latest additions of exhibits and presentations. Along with the newsletters this is your tool to keep in touch with what is happening in the Society. While you are there check out your biography and photo. Is there one there? Does it need updating? Would you like to show a more current photo?

Stay in touch; join our ZOOM meetings, held on our regular meeting nights starting at 7:00pm.

As the Youth Coordinator for CAPEX 22 I will be looking for volunteers to staff the youth table and asking you to save all your surplus stamps and/or other philatelic give a ways. Your help will be much appreciated.

In closing I hope there is light at the end of the tunnel, distant as it may seem stay healthy and stay safe!

Robert Vogel, President PSSC




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PSSC website receives VERMEIL AWARD at the 16th New Zealand National Philatelic Literature Exhibition, Christchurch 28 September 2019.

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