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The International Exhibitor Newsletter

A Note from David McLaughlin - RPSC International Liaison Officer

Jim Taylor, my predecessor as the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada, International Liaison Officer established the International Exhibitor newsletter as a way to communicate FIP and FIAF news and updates to Canadian international exhibitors, RPSC commissioners, delegates to technical commissions, and FIP qualified judges. It has become hugely popular in the Canadian exhibitor community and I am pleased to be able to continue its publication.

The 'Newsletter' is not a periodical and is just issued when there is news to report. Please send me reports or articles and your exhibiting news and comments. Please pass the .pdf copy of the International Exhibitor by email on to any other interested Canadian exhibitors or potential exhibitors. The Newsletter is free but only sent to Canadian subscribers and RPSC members and Fellows on request and a few international friends.

Email: david.mclaughlin@rogers.com

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