Members of the PSSC are deeply involved in many aspects of philately. One of those involvements is the publication of philatelic literature.


By members of the PSSC (2022)

This time, our members have tackled a wide variety of aspects within this theme, whether Zeppelin postal history, air mail postal history, usages of air mail stamps, usages of air mail vignettes or labels affixed to air mail letters, studies of directional markings, development of air mail routes, history of an airplane’s utilization on various routes, and even Canadian astrophilately.

The breadth and depth of the articles in this Anthology reflect the specialized interests of our members within worldwide aerophilately. In fact, many of these contributors are recognized experts in their areas of interest, and often have published other aerophilatelic articles elsewhere, and may have as well exhibited their material at different philatelic exhibitions.

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Table of Contents

  • Cheryl R. Ganz Uruguay Zeppelin Agency Cachets
  • James R. Taylor 1931 Flight Sydney to St. Pierre - Miquelon turns into an International Incident
  • Ken Snelson UK Empire Air Mail Scheme - Underpaid Mail
  • Chris HargreavesPostal Geography: Why the First Airmail Routes Paid for by The Canadian Post Office Department Operated Where They Did
  • Gregg Redner Belgian Airmails: The 1946 and 1950 Skymaster Airmail Stamps
  • James R. Taylor Air France Cinderellas: Non-Postal Labels circa the 1940s-1950s
  • Les SelbyBig Airships as Big Business
  • David K. Foot First Multi-Stage Airmail by Western Australian Airways, 1921-1936
  • Gray Scrimgeour The FAM 2 First Flights
  • David Hanes Astrophilately - Canada in Space
  • Ingo Nessel Hong Kong Jusqu’a Mails
  • Frank Alusio The 1911 World’s First Official Airmail Flights
  • James R. Taylor Aerophilately of the ill-fated Latécoère 631 Hydravion


By members of the PSSC (2021)

The purpose of this anthology is to demonstrate a variety of esoteric aspects of the stamp hobby by sharing specialist studies.

The “Edge of Philately” — is this philately, or isn’t it? It most certainly is. Some of the essays encompass a lighthearted sideline collection but all are thought-provoking studies of material on the peripheral boundaries of the stamp hobby. These essays are but a sample of the breadth and depth of PSSC members’ interests up to and beyond the parameters of traditional philately.

If any portion of this book is used in any way, please be sure to give proper credit to the Philatelic Specialists Society of Canada and the author(s).

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Table of Contents

  • James R. Taylor Alfred A. Hart Pioneer Photographer: Western United States Railway Postcards
  • Sam Chiu Ph.D. Postcards & Postal Stationery cards with Chinese Drawings: Pre-1900 to the end of the Empire
  • Robert D. Vogel The Muskoka Free Hospital for Consumptives and their Fund -Raising Christmas Seals 1908 - 1921
  • Derwin Mak U.S. Postal Note Stamps
  • Michel Houde Stamp Collage Art on Postcards and Covers
  • Andrew Chung Collection of Postage Due in Canada: The Postage Due Notice Cards
  • Kenneth W. Pugh Artist Muse or Deceptive Forgeries?
  • Grégoire Tessier Mon petit musée postal
  • Mark Stelmacovich Postage Due from Bessarabia Without Origin Franking, and Related ‘Intricacies’
  • Josh Hodgson A Philatelist’s View of Airmail Labels
  • David K. Foot South Seas Art: The Colourful Cachets of Karl Lewis
  • Chris Ellis An Uncommon Use of Canadian 1¢ Red Leaf and Numeral Postal Stationary Cards
  • David K. Foot Amateur Radio (QSL) Cards and Philately
  • David Piercey Frederick H. Slark, Photographer: Jasper National Park Post Cards 1923 -1927
  • Robert Lunn The Philatelic Letterhead of Arthur A. Bartlett
  • David McLaughlin Local Publishers of Ottmar Zieher ’s Philatelic Post Cards
  • Ron Smith Lester Littlefield aka ‘Bogusman’ Fake Fancy Cancels
  • Ingo Nessel Hong Kong Parcel Post Forms
  • Ken Snelson The Story of UK Returned Letter Sealing Labels
  • David K. Foot and Barry M. Millman Inter-University Transit System (IUTS) Hand Stamps

Philatelic Specialists Look at Local Postal History

By members of the PSSC (2020)

The purpose of this anthology is to promote the hobby and share the knowledge gained by research.

The articles represent both the breadth and depth of member interests within the broader field of local postal history, loosely defined. You will note that these articles include studies on the postal history of a town or smaller region, studies on cancellations used within such towns or regions, reminiscences of local post offices, postal issues within a short time frame, local courier services, and even postal rates.

If any portion of this book is used in any way, please be sure to give proper credit to the Philatelic Specialists Society of Canada and the author(s).

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Download the publication
(PDF - 54Mb)


PSSC website receives VERMEIL AWARD at the 17th New Zealand National Philatelic Literature Exhibition, Christchurch 20 November 2021.

Table of Contents

  • Ingo G. Nessel Man Yee Arcade, Hong Kong 1
  • Robert D. Vogel The Cancelling Machines used in Berlin/Kitchener, Ontario 1907-1992 9
  • Ron Smith History of the Fredericton Post Office and its Postmarks pre-1900 15
  • Ian S. Robertson Almonte, Ontario: Ottawa Valley Town Renamed after Mexican General 34
  • Barry M. Millman, James L. Hunt, David K. Foot and John Wilson Labels used for Ontario’s Inter-University Transit System 53
  • Garfield Portch The Toronto Post Office That Didn’t Exist 65
  • James R. Taylor St. Pierre & Miquelon: The 1886 Local, Primitive, 'PD' Stamps 70
  • Michael Peach The Post Office in Rugby, England 75
  • Robert Thorne Stoney Creek Ontario Inkjet Errors 2005-2010 84
  • Michel Houde Unofficial Post Office Operated by the British Consulate at Bangkok 1855-1885 92
  • Jean-Jacques Tillard La Philatélie de St-Pierre-et-Miquelon au 19ème Siècle. L’Année 1885 97
  • J. A. (Jack) Forbes Thomas O’Neill - From Way Office Keeper to Postmaster – Salmon River Lake, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia 103
  • Loïc Detcheverry Les oblitérations canadiennes de la Nouvelle-Ecosse sur les timbres de Saint-Pierre et Miquelon 111
  • Peter J. McCarthy The Beebe Plain Post Office 115
  • Cimon Morin Les débuts de la poste à Philipsburg 118
  • David McLaughlin Canada: Householder Mail Rate 130
  • James (Jim) Jung A Canadian Connection 145
  • Mattia Guida The Squared Circle Postmark of Scutari (Shkoder, Alania) and of the Italian Post Offices in Albania 150

151 Personal Views of Canada

By members of the PSSC (2017)

This book celebrates the history of Canada from Confederation on July 1, 1867 through to the sesquicentennial year of 2017. Each year is represented by a PSSC member's stamps or postal history artifacts relating to that year on a single page. It is an eclectic demonstration of Canadian diversity. The scope of subjects includes major national achievements, historical events and milestones, famous Canadians and some personal histories all represented by objects relating to the mails.

The book was entered into the Thailand 2018 World Stamp exhibition and resulted in PSSC winning a silver medal. This is the certificate and medal presented to the PSSC.

Available for purchase. For those who wish to purchase a printed copy of the book, there are two versions. A deluxe hardcover version with gold embossing is available for $60 and the spiral bound softcover version is $30. Shipping is extra. Contact Ingo Nessel to order.

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The Mediterranean Mails

By members of the PSSC (1993)

In March 1993, the Society published "THE MEDITERRANEAN MAILS," a study of the mails from, to and through the Mediterranean to the end of the nineteenth century. This is a compilation of articles by various members, edited by Honorary Member Fred R. Stubens.

If any portion of this book is used in any way, please be sure to give proper credit to the Philatelic Specialists Society of Canada.

This book earned a silver-bronze diploma at HAFNIA 1994, the International Exhibition of Philatelic Literature held in Denmark.

Table of Contents

  • Edmund C WaltonForeword
  • Fred R StubensPreface
  • Bill LiaskasBenedictus Pesaro, on Corfu, to the Doge of Venice, 23 September 1501
  • Michael Madesker, FRPSL, FRPSCMarinus Grimani, Doge of Venice, to Jacobus Nemo, Captain of Bassano, 11 March 1605
  • John N TyackeThe Falmouth Packets from the Mediterranean and the "MALTA F"
  • Allan Steinhart, FRPSCMails Between British North America and the Ionian Islands: The Pre-Adhesive Period
  • Edmund C WaltonSwiss Mail Across the Mediterranean During the Nineteenth Century
  • Michel HoudeMails Via the Isthmus of Suez: The Contribution of Lieutenant Thomas Waghorn
  • Alan G McKanna, FRPSCMediterranean Shipping Lines in the Nineteenth Century
  • Dr Miet KamienskiPostal Service Between Poland and the Mediterranean
  • Harry Sutherland, RDP, FRPSL, FRPSC"Bandit Mail" of Montenegro, or Caveat Emptor
  • Ted H WrightMails from and to Greece: Some Unusual Destinations
  • Kenneth Rowe, FRPSCForwarding Agents in the Mediterranean Basin
  • Nicholas CoddingtonThe Suez Canal
  • Fred R StubensThe Hong Kong Mails and the Mediterranean: Selected Covers
  • Peter LerpinièreFrance to Algeria and Tunis, from 1841 to World War I
  • Andrew Cronin, FRPSL, FRPSCPostal Services in the Macedonian Districts of the Ottoman Empire in the Nineteenth Century
  • Dr Miet KamienskiForeign Post Offices in the Ottoman Empire
  • Piotr MadejAn 1866 Letter from Russia to Italy
  • Cliff GuileRegistered Post Cards

The Forwarding Agents

Specialized Catalogue by Kenneth Rowe (1966)

In 1966 the Society published "THE FORWARDING AGENTS" by member Kenneth Rowe. 1,000 copies of this book were published. It was awarded a Bronze medal at SIPEX in 1966 and a Silver medal at AMPHILEX in 1967. Kenneth Rowe updated this book in 1973, 1984 and finally in 1996

This and the EESTI book are out of print. Profits from their sale were added to the Building Fund. The Society is indebted to the late Fred Brookbanks who was Chairman of the Publications Committee and who was responsible for the production of both of these books.


Specialized Catalogue of Estonia by William Eichental (1961)

As a service to philately, the Society provided funds for the publication of three books. The first, published in 1961, was "EESTI," a specialized handbook on the stamps of Estonia, written by William Eichental, of Stockholm, the foremost authority of the stamps of that country. This worthwhile project was brought to the Society's attention by Dr. R. Maresch and W.H.P. Maresch. Several members collaborated in the translation of the original German text into English. The book was published in German and English - 750 copies in each language. It was awarded a Silver medal at both WIPA in 1965 and SIPEX in 1966.

Out of print. Occasionally available from online resellers.

CABLE REPAIR IN THE PACIFIC: 1937 – 1942 (2024)


This article describes mailed items from an extensive correspondence (1937–1942) involving Henry Porter, a trans-Pacific cable repair worker based in Victoria, British Columbia. Most of the correspondence is between Porter while he was travelling and his family in Victoria. There also are some cable-work related covers. Most of Porter’s trips were aboard the Cable Ship Restorer, the repair ship owned by the Commercial Pacific Cable Company. These voyages are verified by information from contemporary newspaper articles. Porter’s mail—from places such as Honolulu, Midway, Wake, Guam, and Manila —usually was sent by air mail via U.S. Foreign Air Mail (FAM) Route 14, the Pacific Route of Pan American Airways (PanAm). For Canadian postal history, this correspondence, which remarkably has been kept intact for four-fifths of a century, provides extremely rare examples of Canadian mail across the Pacific.

UK Taxe Marks for International Mail 1875-2000 Usage and Listing (2007)

By Ken Snelson

This book is now out of print but is being made available as a free download together with Update 2022 which includes all the additional information accumulated since the original publication.

Under Postal Union regulations the sending country must mark outgoing underpaid mail with a mark including the letter ‘T’ for taxe. The book illustrates and lists about 800 taxe marks used by the UK post office with another 140 marks in the Update. Offices of use include the major Offices of Exchange such as London and Birmingham as well as many smaller offices. where only a few examples are known. Taxe marks were also used on Travelling Post Offices on trains and by the Army Post Office in China and Germany. The listing gives the first and last known dates of use together with a scarcity rating.

The book is essential reading for collectors of British postage due mail, but it will also be useful for other collectors trying to understand the treatment of international underpaid mail to and from other countries. Part A of the book (91 pages) explains, with illustrations of covers, the development of the Postal Union systems for handling underpaid international mail. While the examples in the book relate to the UK practices, the same rules applied to all underpaid mail under Postal Union auspices. This includes the regulations of the General Postal Union that preceded the Universal Postal Union and regulations for handling mail from outside the Union before virtually all countries were members.

See the update – next listing.

UK Taxe Marks for International Mail 1875-2000 - Usage & Listing (2022)

By Ken Snelson

Update to the previous document.

Andy Morod and the Nootka Sound Region

By Gray Scrimgeour (2018)

This is a report of 100 covers with letters written by Andy Morod to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dickinson of Bamfield, British Columbia. Morod mailed most of the covers at post offices in the Nootka Sound area: Nootka, Ceepeecee, and Zeballos. These envelopes and their contents present a good look at not only the postal history but also the social and regional history of the northwest coast of Vancouver Island between 1932 and 1964.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction 3
  • Princess Maquinna and Princess Norah 4
  • Mail from Nootka 6
  • Accidental Death of Hugh W. Cramb 8
  • Second Letter—from Ceepeecee 10
  • More Mail from Nootka 12
  • Mail by the Maquinna 16
  • The Princess North Returned 19
  • Princess Maquinna 24
  • From Vancouver - 1937 28
  • Back to Ceepeecee 28
  • Zeballos 31
  • Ginger Coote Airways Ltd. 36
  • From Zeballos, by Ship 37
  • Air Mail from Zeballos 40
  • Princess Maquinna (2) 42
  • 1946 and 1947 53
  • 1948 to 1950 55
  • Later Letters 57
  • Conclusions 59

Stamps: King of Hobbies and Hobby of Kings

ROM Exhibition by the PSSC (1957)

This is the catalogue for the 1957 philatelic exhibition held by the PSSC at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). It was a major philatelic exhibition to promote the hobby and kindle interest in philately. The exhibits included philatelic rarities from the collections of PSSC members as well as choice items supplied by Elizabeth Wyn Wood the widow of Emanuel Otto Hahn, The Canadian Post Office, The British American Bank Note Company, The Canadian Bank Note Company and the ROM. The exhibition was the first time any museum in Canada had featured an exhibition of stamps.

Table of Contents

  • Philatelic Specialists Society of Canada Members3
  • A Message of Welcome 4
  • Introduction 5
  • Suggested Literature by Subject 7
  • Exhibit Descriptions – A Catalogue of Displays 8
  • ARTICLES by Doug Patrick

  • Britain Offers Unusual for Stamp Collectors 10
  • Old Watermarks Lead to Philatelist Manhunt 11
  • Cape Triangle Errors Two of The Greatest Ever 12
  • Indian Cavalry Used in Early Postal Service 13
  • Malta Issues Trace A Colorful History 14
  • Papua Issues Carry Rarities in Postmarks 15
  • Horns Were Necessary for Austria’s Postmen 16
  • Reprints Are Feature of Austrian Philately 18
  • Propaganda Display Reveal Uses, Abuses 19
  • Denmark Had Struggle to Print First Stamps 20
  • History Often Linked with Postal Service 21
  • Basic Rules Necessary to Make Good Pages 22
  • Balloons Carried Mail During Siege of Paris 23
  • First Serbian Issue Entirely for Home Use 24
  • Greek Hermes Issues Attract Specialists 25
  • Collection Illustrates Israeli Birth Pangs 26
  • Israel’s 1948 Issue Still Most in Demand 27
  • Postoffices Put to Use During Boxer Rebellion 28
  • Chinese Postal Study Is Extremely Complex 29
  • First Mail Was Speeded by Forwarding Agents 30
  • Birds Are Widely Used to Illustrate Issues 31
  • Early Cancellers Were Artistic 32
  • Countries Used Issues as Medium for Ads 33
  • Postmarks in Britain Went Through Cycles 34
  • Makeshift Cancellers Create Separate Field 36
  • Czech Souvenir Sheet Tells Story of Issue 37
  • Philatelic Journals Basis of Collection 38
  • Hahn’s Fine Designs Studies in Wild Life 40
  • Two Companies Merged to Print First Stamps 41
  • Postal History Is Told in Museum Exhibition 42